• Colocation


    Looking to colocate your 1U
    router or switch without being
    forced to rent at least a quarter
    rack of space?

  • Internet Access


    Interaptus's bandwidth services
    give your IT enterprise a superior
    performance platform and a firm
    foundation for hosting...

  • Offsite Backups


    The Interaptus online backup
    service lets you secure your
    data in advance of a disaster.

  • Managed Services


    Interaptus's managed colocation
    services let you take advantage
    of technologies you otherwise
    might not access.


About Interaptus

Interaptus is a full-service provider of data centre colocation services and Internet access solutions. We have a Serviced-Based Operator (SBO) licence for the provision of Internet access services (IAS) issued by Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA). Our mission is to deliver Internet and colocation solutions that are accessible to businesses of all sizes, with the necessary performance, availability, and support for the most demanding applications.

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