About Interaptus

Interaptus is a full-service provider of data centre colocation services and Internet access solutions. We have a Serviced-Based Operator (SBO) licence for the provision of Internet access services (IAS) issued by Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA). Our mission is to deliver Internet and colocation solutions that are accessible to businesses of all sizes, with the necessary performance, availability, and support for the most demanding applications.

Interatpus’s core values are Service Excellence, Collaboration, Integrity and Ownership at work. Our colocation services are delivered by the industry’s most experienced team of network engineers and support specialists, who continue to design new solutions that address the ever-increasing demand for outsourced IT infrastructure and connectivity services.

Interaptus customers can colocate their hosted infrastructure at a choice of world-class data centres throughout the world.  We offer the option of colocation at MEGA-iAdvantage in Hong Kong, Equinix in Singapore and One Wilshire in Los Angeles, USA.  These data centres are unmatched for telecommunications companies and aggregators.  

Our Internet access services are delivered on our industrial grade IP network, which is made up of connections to multiple Tier-1 Internet backbones and delivered to our customers through one managed connection. Interatpus offers carrier neutral colocation with a wide choice of cross-connect provider options. The Interatpus network architecture is designed to deliver the fastest and most reliable connectivity at an accessible price point for any business.